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About us

We are a young company on the market, specialised in the placement of trained medical staff in western countries. We are primarily active on the Czech, Polish and Slovak employment markets.

We have a team of experienced specialists who have already been active for several years on foreign employment markets, which means you can rely on professional-grade services. If you decide to work with our employment agency, we guarantee your satisfaction. 

Why should you opt for Czech, Slovak or Polish workers in particular? Allow us to explain. Training systems for medical and paramedical staff at universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are among the very best in Europe. Feedback from foreign medical institutions indicate high levels of satisfaction with these employees from a long-term perspective. Though at first hiring a foreign employee might sound like a disadvantage, especially due to possible language barriers, you will soon see the benefits of the commitment and hard work of such employees. In the European Union, employee turnover is ever increasing. Demographic indicators show a clear increase in the ageing of the European population and, by contrast, a fall in the professional reputation of those who provide care for the sick and elderly. Our goal is to form a counterweight on the market and to make connections between supply and demand, i.e. employers and employees, as simple as possible and establish mutual accessibility.

  1. We will arrange for you to receive professional CVs from appropriate candidates,
  2. and if you decide in favour of a particular candidate, we can organise an interview.
  3. Our company takes care of the translation of all the applicant's documents, so that approval and recognition of qualifications can be applied for quickly. 
  4. Our company also initiates the  approval / recognition process. 
  5. Costs for our services are only incurred after an employment contract is signed between you and the applicant. If no employment contract is concluded, you incur no costs. 
  6. Guidelines for the fee amount can be found in the appropriate professional group section.
  7. To reduce the risk of early termination of an applicant, this fee is split to ensure your satisfaction and security. Only 50% of the fee is due once the contract is concluded, 25% after 3 months and the last 25% after a probationary period of 6 months.
  8. Our staff consultants will be available for your queries on a daily basis.

Our company is built on three pillars: LoyaltyPrecision and Convenience. We have a specific company culture in which our primary goal is your satisfaction. Mutual trust is a priority in our business relationships. We are here for you.

  • KCF Loyalty Group s. r. o.
    Táboritů 237/1
    779 00 Olomouc
  • +49 151 1278 1462
  • +420 608 776 688
  • info@kcfgroup.eu
Czech Republic – Doctors
Czech Republic – Doctors

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